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Seamless Integration with Adobe InDesign for Streamlined Production Quality

EngageIT Variable Data offers seamless integration with Adobe® InDesign page layout application for exceptional, personalized output fully supported by all Konica Minolta and other digital presses.

A very powerful and sophisticated variable data printing (VDP) and data publishing software package that works directly within the QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® applications. The idea behind EngageIT is very simple - just take any normal QuarkXPress or InDesign document, and “Make it Variable™”.

Personalized Postcards

Go beyond just adding an address

Make your mailer truly variable by adding these to your postcard mailing pieces!

  • Variable images
  • Colors
  • Text
  • 2D and Linear Bar Coding

And More. . .

So you already know InDesign . . .

All EngageIT VDP modules work within the Adobe InDesign application, allowing variable elements to be added to any InDesign document.

Multi-Up & Consecutive Numbering

Styling & Variable Pricing

Video Demonstration


  • Works directly with the Adobe InDesign application to provide advanced VDP features
  • Supports all Adobe InDesign styling and typographic features (runarounds, type on a curve, transparency, etc.)
  • Easily handles hundreds of variable text, article and picture links per document
  • Utilizes a simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface (no programming required)
  • Incorporates easy to use step-and-repeat capability for multiple-up layouts
  • Built-in consecutive numbering
  • Provides on-the-fly copy fitting of overset text frames
  • Includes advanced preview, preflight and testing features
  • Output is fully supported on all Konica Minolta and other digital presses

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