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Some Of Our Partners:

The Lawyer's Help DeskTM

A help desk solely for the legal industry

Upgrading your operating system, patching your software, worrying about a firewall breach—you don’t have time for all this. You have a legal practice to run. Here’s an idea: leave it to us. The Lawyer’s Help Desk™ is an exclusive legal IT support service from All Covered. Consider our help desk an extension of your practice. The engineers on staff comprise former legal professionals who have worked at real-world law firms. They're experts in legal technology, and have trained teams in law firm IT support.

Our engineers understand that your time matters, and they help you maximize your time with legal services outsourcing. They rely on the All Covered Guidebook, which captures key processes, applications, and instructions to better manage legal infrastructure.

The Lawyer’s Help Desk provides personalized IT support—a one-on-one relationship specific to your practice. Your engineer, assigned to your account, is armed with the Guidebook and the knowledge to swiftly and smartly fix your issue.

Document and Records Management

The help desk supports document management system (DMS) software to help your firm achieve your objectives. Coordinate information, streamline processes, strengthen storage capabilities, modernize your interface, and search quickly with our DMS offerings.


Practice and Case Management

If you’re wasting time trying to find and collect and file and record, you’re falling behind the competition. Our help desk can recommend software that automates case management tasks, so you can work faster. You’ll save money and stay competitive with better control over your data, your services, and your processes.

Litigation Support

Your practice may need support collecting information, conducting investigations, estimating costs, or analyzing data. Our help desk engineers have expertise in these tactics, access to automation software, and tools for cybersecurity threat detection.

Cost Recovery

Avoid liability, and get help managing fees and settlements, with the expertise of our help desk. All Covered software can estimate, forecast, specify, and itemize costs, expenditures, delinquencies, and claims.