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Email Protection System (EPS)

All Covered's Email Protection service provides protection against email threats and provides additional services for email continuity and regulatory compliance.

Email Protection: our service provides protection for inbound, outbound an intra-domain email. Mail is scanned in real-time as it flows through the system. Protection is constantly updated as threats are identified.

Email Continuity: our service includes the ability to replicate mail to the cloud as a secondary store in case access to the primary Exchange server is lost. This services ensures that, even during an outage, you have access to send and receive email within your organization.

Email Encryption: for compliance reasons, many organizations need to be able to send and receive message that are protected with content encryption. Our service allows policy-based encryption to be configured for an entire organization or individual users can encrypt communications as needed.

Email Archiving: this service provides replication of all inbound, outbound and intra-domain emails. This can be used for compliance or simply to ensure that all important communication are kept in an easily searchable repository. Retention periods can be selected for one year or multiple years.

Web Content Protection: this service protection your users from web-based attacks such as malware, phishing and targeted attacks.