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All Covered Backup Introduction

One of the most important elements of any business strategy is providing for the continuity of business operations in the event of a disaster or other unplanned outage.

Backup for Workstations

This provides up to 250GB of cloud data storage. An agent is deployed on each laptop or desktop with the service. The user can configure which files and folders are replicated to the cloud and how often this backup takes place. This service can be configured to run at set intervals and times or it can be initiated by the user.

Retrieving data from the cloud is conveniently done via the installed agent or via login to a web portal. Login via a web portal ensures that data replicated to the cloud can be accessed even if your primary workstation or laptop has failed. Also, should you be traveling and need access to data originated on your desktop, you can access it via the cloud storage. Backup for Servers -this provides file, folder and image backup locally and to the cloud.

This solution includes a local backup appliance residing on the physical networks with the protected servers. All or selected data from the servers is identified and replicated to the device. The data from the device is then replicated to the cloud.

Disaster Strikes. Office Replicated.

Full Office Virtualization in the Cloud

Ensure business continuity by creating an on-demand mirror of your entire office in the Axcient cloud in just a couple clicks. Built-in workflow automation and orchestration ensures you can failover their applications and entire data centers in the cloud in under an hour.

Backup for Servers

Our backup for servers solution can protect all of the Windows servers in your environment by backing them up to the local appliance and replicating the images to the cloud. In the event of an equipment failure or site disaster the stored images can be virtualized on the local appliance which will take the place of the downed server in the client setting.

If all servers are down or unavailable due to power outage, Internet outage or other disaster, then all of the local servers can be virtualized in the cloud datacenter and accessed remotely. This solution not only protects your data, but it also protects your business functions such as email, databases or other line-of-business applications.

There is the cost to purchase the local appliance and a monthly fee for the cloud backup and continuity service. There is no additional fee in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

Consolidate to the Cloud

Streamline Multiple Solutions Into One

Think of all the time, effort and costs you will save when you switch over from multiple solutions to a single consolidated cloud platform. All Covered's platform provides a secure solution to protect your entire IT infrastructure from ever encountering unplanned downtime. Resilience never looked so streamlined and affordable.

Recover From Any Point-in-Time with Image Based Backups

Image-based snapshots with point in time recovery

Data protection and recovery in one integrated solution. Axcient takes a snapshot image of your physical and virtual servers, laptops and workstations. It then saves a copy of that image in the local appliance and securely encrypts the data in transit and at rest in our data centers. Whether you need to recover files, emails, databases or an entire server image you can select your recovery point from just a few minutes ago to days, weeks or months ago. Plus, in case you need to failover a server, you can select a specific point-in-time image snapshot to failover from.

Data Archival

Achieve Flexible Retention Schedules and Policies
That Meet Your Needs

Protect and archive critical data locally and in a secure cloud, for as long as your retention requirements mandate. Access your data directly, 24/7, from our simple Web-based interface. Permission policies are just as easy to assign and adjust.